A cardigan from Peruvian Connection

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Шоколадный кардиган из каталога Peruvian ConnectionAs you may already noticed, I did not have much time to crochet anything from the middle of november. I had to switch completely to beading, so that I could participate in Christmas and now in Novruz spring charity bazaars. I hope that after 20th of March Ill return to lace and will continue to publish the DIY instroctions for Pricsilla Irich Crochet book. And so far here is a small surprize from my favourite shope that keep mos of us inspired.

This spring Peruvian Connection has presented another cardigan made in irich crochet lace technique. The color of a dark chocolade makes it irresistible for me. One day I'll make one like this. Lacy flowers and leaves are joined with a regular mesh. And as far as I can see, the unknown crocheter did the mesh around the motives and then joined separate pieces in the last net row, just like you would do in a regular square elements. If you want more details, just click on image and it will open in a separate window

 Flower and leaf up-close

Алёна Салимова

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