Countess de Belflor's collar

Перепечатка и копирование материалов с сайта запрещены!

(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

I love watching "A dog in the manger", based on Lope de Vega EL PERRO DEL HORTELANO over and over again. Beatiful actress Terekhova in an antique dresses, charming Boyarskiy("Rock-n-roll Wolf") their acting skills amases me, but the last time I've paid attention to a great collar of Diana de Belflor. It must have been something like this, that inspired Mademoiselle Riego de la Blanchardiere to invent a crochet lace which is now know as irish crochet lace.

This post is just for inspiration





Of course many elements will require a skill of crocheting over a padding cord, to reach the shape and volume.

Алёна Салимова

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