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ирландское кружевоIt is really difficult to find a authentic irish crochet lace dresses dated 19-beginning of 20th centuries in our days. Mostly they are sold on specific antique and vintage clothes auctions, such as Augusta Auctions. There is always one or two great samples of your favourite technique, and you can get inspiration from them. And since they are deleted after auction ends, I place some pictures for inspiraion in the image gallery. .ирландское кружево

классическое ирландское кружевоThis charming tea gown was sold in the Augusta auction in 2007 for ther price of  $3105. Very elegant dress made of irish crochet lace dated aproximately  1915 - 1930 years. 1-piece trained gown, sweetheart neckline, short puffed sleeve, very gentle pattern made of regular hexagonal motives with a regular mesh and elements of a crochet floral motives.







I guess that everyone interested in irish crochet lace has seen beautiful bonnet, Rose and vine garden doilies. They look, like they have been made hunred years ago, so fine and authentic. But not everybody knows, that they are made by Maire Treanor, the author of the "Clones lace - a story and patterns of an Irish crochet" book. I've published her masterpieces on this site, and now I wan to introduce you Maire's personal site, where she publishes her lace and works of her students. Maire is actively travelling around the world and giving lessons on how to crochet irish lace. You can check with a schedule of the ucoming classes and subscribe to them! 

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