Classic laces

модели ирландского кружеваThis magnificent tunic dress is crocheted in a combination of techniques. The center of the design is the perfect embroildered rose, that is fitted into a composition made of regular circular elements in a hexagonal mesh. On the sides are smaller elements, combined with classical motives of an irish crochet lace - sunflowers and small roses, that are grounded by a picot mesh. The fillet mesh with bullion stitch flowers are used to join the stripes with different designs. Classical irish roses have been used on sleeves to finish a composition. By the way, this dress is a great example on how the motives, crocheted my different people, are joined in one piece of clothing - I've counted at least three "signatures" on the way and tention motives are done. How many can you count?

The wedding headwear, dated 1918.

Made of handmade Irish crochet lace, the cap features a fine assortment of three dimensional motifs - grapes, roses and asters. Motifs are joined by different types of regular mesh.

The veil that hangs from the cap is of delicate hand-embroidered tambour net.

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