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collar french 19Gentle collar from France

Last month I was browsing through the goods on one of the auction sites and ran into this beatiful sample of irish crochet lace, that was made in France. At least the seller was telling so. Couple of days of worries, a letter saying that I won the auction and the only thing I had to worry about is the postal delivery, till my precious will arrive.

And here it is, the perfect sample of irish crochet lace tat was made in the beginning of the 20th century. I understand that the photo on the top is not a good idea, but I do not have a proper photo background at my summerhouse. That is the next issue I have to work on.
collar french 01

The collar is in a perfect condition and absolutely symmetrical. Folded in two it is identical, even filling lines are the same on both sides. The central part of a collar is a big flower and branches

collar french 02

Here is the central flower

collar french 10

It is made of a classic irish rose with a buttony in the center and a set of dcs using the packind cord over the edge 

collar french 12

The petals of this flower are made with a element, that I have called a sun, it might have another name but so far I have not met it in the books. It can be found in a tutorial Flower with radial center and the filling with bars that I also did earlier Rose and shamrock in a hexagon shape motif The only thing you can do is joun these two elements

collar french 11
The other motifs on the collar - leaves made over the padding cord
collar french 03
A daisy
collar french 09
Another interesting puzzle made of the element that have been used in a big flower, but this time it is joined into some kind of shamrock
collar french 05
It also has tiny roses
collar french 06
Really tiny roses!
collar french 07
Again the solar motif in a horse-shoe filling, it is made of a much finer thread, than the rest of a collar
collar french 08
Daisies at the edge
collar french 13
I think it is enough for the front side, there is much more interesting details on the back side of a collar. And it hides some surprises how it was joined together, and it clearly shows that the person who was making it tried to make his work easier. The edge is worked with a cord, made of a fillet mech and petarls over it. These cords are sewn between flowers, sometimes even over the motifs. You can even see the thread that was used
collar french 14
In some places cords a longer than necessary
collar french 15
In some shorter
collar french 16
And here you can see, how motifs were sewn together with running stitch. I guess if the thread was not linen, the whole thing would fall into pieces.
collar french 17
And another piece of a back side of this lace. 
collar french 18
And the other thing, thath I've noticed is the way Clones knot is treated. Maire showed the classic way - two dcs toghether over both sides of a knot, just like on my top. I've seen the same way on other samples of antique lace too
knots 01
but here, the filling is done directly into the knot, just one dc and on you go!
knots 02

Алёна Салимова

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