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A collar with antique look

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irish crochet lace colllarCollar made in traditional irish crochet lace technique

Ever since I returned from my second trip to Ireland, I wanted to make something in a classic irish crochet lace. The style I usually work with, the modern lace is different from those samples. In colors, thread, motif and filling style. and the difference is so dramatic, when you are holding a solid cloth and finest web. So when I had a call with a request to make a collar, I was extremely excited. The teenager wanted to have a  "Victorian" style, well, close to it, if you can imagine a mini dress at late 19th century.  The only thing that spoiled the pleasure to work on this project was timing. I've got a dress on Tuesday evening and had to give it away on Saturday morning. But as they say in russian - 7 miles road is nothing for a crasy dog, so the challenge was accepted. 
For three days I had just  4-5 hours of sleep, doing the motifs, the filling with Clones lace and the crown edge. But the final result has pleased both be and the little owner of a dress.
It's a pity, that I can not publish the photo of a girl in this dress, whe looks stunning. So I had to "hire" my carpet loom to act as a model

collar red 01

This is how the dress looks like. Reminds me of photos from Keito Dama and their lace projects
collar red 03

Just a few minuted before I finish sewing in a collar to the dress. As you can see, the look of a collar is very authentic, very antique, if not the size, the original were made from a thread twice as fine.
collar red 02

The back side. And as I got the photos of a girl at the school party, she decided to switch the sides, so the back collar split was transferred to a front. Still looks great 
collar red 05

Алёна Салимова

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