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Saint-Tropez scarf

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Шарф Сен-Тропе Saint-Tropez scarf

The winter is not willing to leave us, even in april it's cold as in January. The freezing wind outside makes you want to swim in warm azue waves of Saint Tropez. And with this idea-fix, I had to make another scarf in a "Watercolor" scarf collection. The yarn is of course is not as thin as it should be in oroginal irish crochet lace, but it still as tender as lace should be. 

The blue-tuquose Bahar Batik Design Alize yarn with azure Begonia Yarnart were perfect for this scarf
laguna 01

Classic size - 1.8 meters long and 30 cm width
laguna 02

100% merserized cotton
laguna 03

laguna 04

Алёна Салимова

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