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Christmas baubles

Перепечатка и копирование материалов с сайта запрещены!

(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

shar 01It's almost a Christmas time!!!


And I have another fair/show this year and I'm spending most of my time preparing fot it. Those of my readers who follow me on a facebook, must hav noticed th preparation and even a blurry phone photo shot of a baubles that I make now.
Well, let's start from the beginning. Last year, when I was in Clones, I've seen beautiful baubles with Carrickmacross lace inside and this summer I've hoarded a lot of DIY baubles for my own decor. And two weeks ago started making inner part to fill the plastic parts. the first sample was with a small doily with the shamrocks and clones knots
shar 04

Then I've decided to make something simple and used a classic small rose and clones knot filling
shar 05

And then I've ran onto Maire Treanor's book and decided to make some of the baubles with Wild rose and Clematis elements
shar 02

All elements are made with Altyn Basak Klassik Crochet mercerized cotton 60 and 0.55 mm hook. And as you can see, the motifs are just slightly bigger than 2 inches.

shar 03

And this is how it all looks in a finished desigh:
shar 01

PS. By the way, this particular bauble will decorate the tree of officially the most beautiful girl of our country!!

Алёна Салимова

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Brigitte Lan

Brigitte Lan

Wow! what great work! So so beautiful.
Unfortunately I am able to get these clear baubles here, will need to wait until I go back to the UK
I do appreciate you sharing your fantastic work.
Thank again.
Stormbat Gold

Stormbat Gold

they are stunning :lol:

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