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Buta collars

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воротничок ирландским кружевомButa collars

We had a craft show in the end of september, that was dedicated to Buta or paisley. And without exxagerations, our craft-ladies and gentlemen did their best to show their hand made masterpieces. I also participated in this show, but since I was pretty late on decision, I had only one week to make something with paisly pattern in irish crochet lace. So I took the template, that Maire Treanor gave me on her summer workshop 2013, and did two small collars. One had flowers with solid center, the other one with openwork 

I've found the pattern of paisley with 7 petals flower and puff stitched on the edge


The center of the colar os a floral element again with 7 petals to fit into collars curve. The edge is made on a padding cord with a dc and the second row dc with piconts into each 4th DC. Tie cord is made of 3 chains, puff stitch and dc


This pattern is very simple and fast to make, so next time I'm gonna try it with a size 50 thread and in more classic way with Clones knot

If you are interested in my work, you can also check others in a Lace Gallery - Alyona Salimova

Алёна Салимова

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