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Custard colored IC top

Перепечатка и копирование материалов с сайта запрещены!

(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

irish crochet lace topFinally I've made it for myself!

This top has started from a motifs that I made for step-by-step instrustion on Priscilla Irish crochet lace Priscilla Irish book - figure 14-15. An finally, three years later it is ready. Actually I've finished it soon after the New year, but it is only now I've washed it and took a photo

And what really surprising, it did fit me, thought I expected it to be two sized smaller. 
limonnaya 01

I've combined classic motifs on a padding cord, my favourite six-petal flowers and irregualr mesh. The nrck line is also made over a padding cord with DC and picots
limonnaya 02

Sprigs used from Japanese book 128 motifs of irish crochet lace Leaf sprig with small openwork leaves on padding cord

limonnaya 03

Back side. It does not fit nice on a picture, since the manequine is 8 sizes smaller than me

limonnaya 04

Of course there are many mistakes, but it is my firs work with big filling areas and with a padding cord elements. But I did not plan anything special out of it, especially when I've started it. It was just a project to utilize the elemets and yarn. But I'm happy with it and that does matter!!

limonnaya 05

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