Alyona Salimova

The black lacy vest

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The motives in this vest have been sewn together and it can hardly be called an irish crochet, but some of the motives and irregular mesh have been used from this crochet lace.

This ves has been started as an advertisement for the tailor sho, with a minimum of work and time to be spent, but the idea to try out this method took over me and as a result I've came to this lovely short vest with a floral elements. This project used 6 skeins of black Begonia Yarnart and 1 skein of Violet Yarnart for sewing and mesh

As an idea of inspiration, I've used motives from Flora Mazi's designs. Since the idea was to have as less sections with a mesh, I had to slightly change clover leaves. Stylized cammomiles were the main elements in neck, back and front, forming a fastener


Small areas between motives were filled with tiny round motives and were sewn together. But there were the areas where them could not be fitted and so they have been filled with an irregular mesh. All motives have been crocheted over edged to have the relief standing out.

Алёна Салимова

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