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Meadow top

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Irish meadow top

Couple of years ago, while publising here Antonina Kuznetsova's work, I could not resist to make something like this warm top.

And so I started. I've raided yarn shops in search of a needed color, shoveled my stash and finally got all the threads needed. And this summer also annoying Tonya, since she, as an author of the original idea, had the right to know what will happen to her design. The top came out very "heavily modified design", since original was made of wool and I've used size 10-20-50 threads. And now it is up to you to judge. The total weight 250 grams: Anna-20 50 gr, 30 gr Mona 8(even thought thal lable said 8, actual size is 20), 30 grams of AltynBasak 50 for filling. And the rest is Maxi and Violet. Hook sizes 1 and 0.6 mm

I still struggle with my camera to set the correct colors, so we take the color of wine flowers from the photo above, and keeping in mind on photos below. 

Back side. 

back side upclose

And some photos from mobile, which were taken during filling. I often rip off the completed part from a template for a peek

Working on armhole

filling, filling, filling

Майка продается.

Алёна Салимова

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