Upgrade is over!

Finally the upgrade is over!!! It will take another two-three days to figure out all features of a new engine and I'll return into working mode. And so far I have to make a photo set with new stuff that I made last week

A new server

We have finally moved to a new powerful server. Hopefully this one will last for a year or so, before sites require a more powerful one. Or I can move the resource-eating to another server, if this happens too fast.

Moving again

It is time to make another move. The current server that we are hosting in can no longer handle the workload and we have to move to a more powerfull one. So within the next week this site and Handicraft A to Z will be migrated. After that I'll continue posting photos from irish crochet lace museum and workshop

Ireland - day 1

Tea time with Maire Treanor and Antonina KuznetsovaThere were three weeks full of nerves and anxiosity, but finally I had my passport with visa, tickets and suitcase packed. And third of June has began with a road to airport. Baku never sleeps and even at night there was only one difference - to traffic jams. 

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