Well, I do have to confess - I'm a yarnaholic.. There is at least a metric centner of yarn that is stashed in all worderobes and drawers. And today I'm happy as never before - this morning arrived a parcel with bobbin of a great Anna 20, graphite-colored. And there is a high chance to gen Anna 16 the same color, and then I can start a dress of my dream. I love this color, but never could find the right shade, and now the dream can become true. And so far I have to finish 4 WIPs, some of them I have not even startet yet.

My TV debute

Here is the video from my tv debute. I still did not get a disk from a  TV, and so it is just a screen copy


Debut on TV

I hope that everything will be OK.. I made TV group and guests laugh a lot with my lingustic talents, at one moment the show hostess had to switch to russian so that I could understand the question :Dsince I was so scared that forgot all the azeri words I knew. I just hope that they will remove all the goofs, beside my poor language I kept dropping pins, needles and twice I hap to duck under the dest to retrieve a crochet. Just right in the moment when all cameras were set on me :D

But I guess they liked it, since the hostess invited me to participate again next week. Probably I'll go on thursday, and it will be much easier this time, not so scary. This time I have to crochet a handbag ASAP, there is only on main agreement - I have to finish a project in studio.

As of the singers, I was really lucky - there was a boy band with great voices I was absolutely amased by their singing a-capella, and the national songs were with great arrangement. I did enjoy listening to them

Preparing for a show

Tomorrow I'll cast in a show on a local TV, will show a master class on irish crochet lace, and wil finish a bolero jacket. I'm a bit scared since it will be my triple debute on TV and in azeri language. Also I hope to get a copy on DVD so I can show some moments here too.

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