сетка для ирландского кружеваWe are finally on school vacations! All lessons are over, and I have extra 4 hours to craft, instead of sitting in a traffic jams. I can finally knit, bead and crochet. I have huge plans for this summer - continue on irish crochet lace tutorials, there are many elements in Priscilla crochet, that I did not make yet. Also I have to finish at least two tops in IC and continue on gathering motives. And the main important thing - to translate most of the articles here from Russian to English, and chat, chat and chat!

разнообразные мотивы для ирландского кружеваToday is a "Clean Thursday" - the day before russian Easter. It is a tradition to clean up everything in the house and so I did. After washing everything I started sorting out stuff on my desk and sorting out motives for the irish crochet projects. I spent a lot of time this winter in traffic jams, daughter's dancing lessons and other school activities crocheting flowers and leaves. I'm affraid that I can tile them on the floor of my bedroom and there will be no space left. Here are some of them. 


Today I take a small break from a hot and airless city and move to the summer house. There is no internet, no seed beads, which took most of my time for the past 3 months, but there is a lot of lace yarn. I hope to finish two of my irish crochet WIPs and continue on other two, which are packed just in case of a spare time. Also I'll do the set of lessons on Priscilla patterns for beginners.

Wishing you all a pleasant summer days!


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