The international cats day!

Перепечатка и копирование материалов с сайта запрещены!

(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

Кот ТирамиСушиMarch the 1st is the international Cats day

 And again it's a first of March. And if previously I presented stray kittents that occasionally visited me for food and a bit of loving care, now I have a cat of my own!!!! Tusya, Tutosya, Tort, Tarm, Tort TiramiSushi, that is all about him. Last spring I've got a white kitten with dark-cream spots on face and tail. The blue-eyed beauty. I could not resist him, despite my husbands shouts about smell and hair The reason it that every year I had this snow-shoe like kittens in my garden, people just know that I give a shelter for stray cats and just dropped their cat's offsprings, and every year there was one kitty like this. But unfortunately most of them ended up killed on the road. But last year Chernushka (Blacky) the mother of my Tusya was hit by a car. Just two days after she introduced me to her two sons.  It was very sad for me, since I took care of her ever since she was 2 weeks old. and she lived only two years. So I had to find a good home for her sons

Туська маленький

The second cat has found a new home, and I took Tart to my summer house. Where he was spendind all his days either hunting green stinking bugs or sitting like this on sofa 

Was very active in crochet lace!!!

Now he lives in my workshop and feels like a real owner. Everyday he visits our neighbours in their photo studio, rolls in the backgroungs, scares visitors and earning his piece of a chicken by acting as a star on photo sessions. Girls love him!!! They are mad about his stripes and fatty botttom 

But in the workshop there is still so many things to do!!! Like dreaming about summer and bugs (they are awful to taste, but it's fun to catch them)

to control every single crochet flower that leaves my hand, yawning when the motif is to long to crochet


To work as a personal weather station

And to control that everything is in it's place. He is a great store man

So this is my international cat's day. What is yours?

Алёна Салимова

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