Flowers of February

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(в том числе в личные дневники ли.ру!)

цветы крючком для палантинаIt's cold, but it's time to crochet

February is taking it's revenge. The whole month it was wandering, whether it is winter or spring. And completely confised trees, elms and cherry-plums are already blooming. And now the cold Hazri (the Azeri name of a north wind) brought us blizzard, lightnings, and we are ended up in snowdrifts. So everybody happy - our hill-based city is completely paralized, people are sitting wrapped up in warm afgans, sipping hot tea and dreaming about skipping work tomorrow. 
But for me there is no difference, I always have a skein of size 10 yarn and a 1 mm crochet hook. And now I entertain myself with these bright flowers for a tippet, and when get bored, switch to a plain shamrocks for a skirt. But returning to tippet, these are the main elements for it, three or five flowers that imitate the 8 ray star, the most popular motif on our nathional garments and jewelry. And as far as I've seen there was not one like this before in crochet, so I can call it my personal design and will take it to Clones this summer for Maire Treanor's workshop


To surround it, there will be paisley or as we call them buta. This is just a sample element, I'll make all the buttonies with electric blue

And some other small flower elements 

And here is my lovely helper, Tart Tirami-Sushi cat/ My personal healer and a forecaster. This is ow he was sleeping two days before, when there was not even one sign of a upcoming snowfall

So looking at this, I coud not leave the toddler kitten, that came to my appartment seeking for food and warmth. So now my Tusya (the shortened name for my blue-eyed monster) has a play-mate for the cold time. And they both destroy the workshop, playing with skeins and spill the seed beads. And I'm urgently seeking a new home for him 

SO that is my febryary weekend. What about yours???

Алёна Салимова

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